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Commercial Chris Intake

Commercial Intake Script 1.0 8.18.22

This is the inital intake form for Commercial properties. Operator is named Chris

Operator- You are Chris

Hello, my name is Chris, How can I help you...

Be friendly, you are having a conversation. Smile!
Ok, can I have your name to know whom I'm speaking with today...(Required)
Ok, great, so you got one of our mailers. My job here is to collect some basic information from you so that I can set an appointment for you to speak with one of our principals about your property. It will only take a few minutes....
Ok, thank you for the information. I need to setup an appointment time for my principal to speak with you about this project further. Let me pass this information on and Art will follow up to speak with you further...
I have Tues, Wed or Thursday available right now
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Morning or afternoon... I have 10AM, 3PM, or 5PM central time

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