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How to sell a house fast at the price you want-GUARANTEED!

In my investing company, I come across all kinds of information and everyone seems to talk about how to sell a house quickly. It is the lifeblood of the real estate industry and selling houses is the thing that will get our economy rolling again.

Well I originally planned to write this article several months ago but I hesitated because I figured that many would not believe the headline. Many people would figure that if I knew how to sell houses fast at the price I wanted then I would be busy making millions and not writing this article.

Well the truth of the matter is that I DO know how to sell houses fast and at the price I want. I have been doing it professionally for most of my adult life. What I have not known is how to tell others how to do it. It takes a special knack, a little outside of the box thinking, and frankly, you have to do some things that you may not be used to. I didn’t want to shake up the status quo…until now.

The system that I am going to tell you has worked for me for the last 10 years and it works even better in a down economy. At this current moment, my company is poised to sell more houses in one year then we have ever sold in any other year.

The answer to selling your home fast is to sell as a lease option. Why?! You might ask? Why is that so important? Let’s look at the advantages.

#1 You get your price.

When someone sells on a lease option then they get their asking price in fact, the asking price will be the least negotiated part of the transaction.

#2 You sell NOW!

The market demand for lease options has only increased since the real estate market has fallen. Buyers still want to buy houses. They just cannot get financing. You give them financing that you create and you solve the market problem.

#3 You are not a landlord

Most people think that when they do a lease option that they will end up being a landlord. That is not true IF you set it up properly. You won’t have to fix a toilet, shovel a walkway, or anything else associated with being a landlord. You will be as free as if you had completed an outright sell if you set everything up properly.

#4 You don’t have to be a financial wiz

When I talk to most people about a lease option to sell their home, they are terrified. They don’t know how to set it up, they have all these questions, and they don’t want to mess up. Well, the good news is once you learn to setup a lease option properly it is a set it and forget it type of sale.

Besides all of these advantages, the risk to you as a seller is very little. My company has been using lease options for years. We have had so much success with them that we have decided to start lease optioning other people’s homes just to include in our program. We will lease option your hard to sell home, put our buyer in, and let you make the bulk of the profit. It has been a very successful venture for our current clients and in this economic climate, the demand for our product is greatly increasing. So consider lease options to sell your home. On the other hand, consider letting We Buy Houses Home Services lease option your house for you. The worse that could happen is that you sell your home and get the price you want!

Until next week, Good luck and God Bless and remember… If you want to learn more about our lease option program… check out our informative website at for more information.

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