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Should I hire a loan modification company to modify my loan?

This year the FBI has charged more people and companies with loan modification frauds than any other time in the history of the FBI. It is weird to read something like this because before two or three years ago most mortgage modification companies did not exist. For those of you who don’t know, a mortgage modification company is a place that will work to modify your mortgage on your behalf in exchange for you paying them directly. These companies usually charge thousands of dollars with no guarantee that their services will actually work to modify your mortgage. The company tells the homeowner that they will do their best to get the homeowners loan modified. After spending several thousands of dollars, with the company, many homeowners are left feeling cheated and upset because they have nothing to show for their money.

These companies have no motivation to secure a modification for their clients. They already have the client’s money and they don’t know if they can get the modification completed anyway. This situation creates an abrasive relationship. I can see why many companies are considered frauds.

In my opinion, the best way to do a loan modification is to complete one yourself. Banks really try to help homeowners that honestly want to save their home and just need help. Only you can show the bank your sincerity and desire to save your home. If you need help come to the “We Buy Houses Home Services “How to modify your own home mortgage seminar” hosted by Family Christian Center church in Munster Indiana on March 29 at 7 PM. We will discuss everything you need to know concerning modifying your own loan and what you should and should not say and do. The best thing about our class is that it is absolutely free. I will be on hand to answer questions about your specific situation. If you are serious about keeping your home, this is the help that you have been waiting for. I hope to see you there.

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