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Have you sold your house yet?

Still waiting and waiting on deciding what to do with that house? In many cases, not making a decision is making a decision. Learn more, watch this...

Should you sell your home to We Buy Houses Home Services LLC

Why deal with u? What do we have to offer you? Why chose us over some other company. The answer...Watch!

Why would a realtor reject selling your home

Have you ever had a realtor choose to NOT list your home for sale? It can be a frustrating experience. In some cases, a realtor will list your home and then do nothing. Both situations can frustrate you. Here is why they do that...  

Why more people are selling their home with terms.

More and more people in this market are starting to sell their home on termFor one reason only...It makes sense. Find out why.    

How to sell a house that is underwater

Hey, thanks for joining me. Here are a few options that you may or may not have thought of when it comes to selling a house that is underwater. Hope this helps...    

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