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When facing Foreclosure….Be Proactive, Not Reactive

If you have ever been in the position where you are facing foreclosure or if you are currently facing foreclosure then you know that it can bring a barrage of mixed emotions. You feel mad that you are in this situation and you are mad at the bank for not doing more to help you. On the other hand, maybe you feel ashamed. You feel that you know you are smarter than this and how did you let yourself get into this situation. Most people feel resentment. They reach a point that they throw their hands in the air and just ignore the whole problem.

Well I wanted to talk to you about being proactive. Often when we are faced with a difficult situation, especially one where we don’t see any way to win we often curl into a ball and hope the problem goes away. I am here to tell you that this problem will NOT go away. It doesn’t matter if your neighbors had a foreclosure, it doesn’t matter what condition the economy is in and it doesn’t even matter if you cannot find a job right now.  In order to get thru this situation you must act. You must take it upon yourself to do something. You must do something effective.

I talk to people almost every day who are trying to modify their mortgage. Many people start the process but most never finish. Most people blame the bank and the incompetent people who work at the bank. None of that matters, really, none of it matters. I have modified loans when the sale date was 2 days away. I have done this several times. It can be done. You must be proactive and step out of your fear or depression or whatever you have convinced yourself that you have. You can do this. Get up stop talking to people who cannot help you and start taking matters into your hands.

If you need help than ask for help from someone who has knowledge and can help you. Don’t ask your girlfriend, neighbor, or parents. These people will only confuse and frustrate you. In an effort to help, if you are facing foreclosure and want to modify your home loan, then for a limited time I will be giving away free copies of my eBook “How to modify your mortgage” on my website at . Read the book follow the steps, figure out if it makes sense to keep your home and most importantly….Do something!

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